Percocet Information

There are very many side effects that are associated with the consumption of Percocet. All of these side effects depend on a number of factors which normally dictate both their extent as well as their severity. Most of the side effects that are associated with the consumption of Percocet are not very serious and rarely ever do the users report any life threatening symptoms.

This said there are a number of side effects of Percocet to look out for, especially if you are consuming the drug regularly, be it for medicinal or recreational use. These side effects are critical in the sense that they have the potential to become life threatening in the event that they are left unattended to for a long period of time. Knowing such side effects puts the patients in a much better position to determine the urgency with which to seek treatment.

Percocet Information

Percocet is normally classified as a narcotic pain reliever and is used in medicine for the treatment of intense or acute pain as well as the relief of moderate pain. In both of these cases, the drug is not recommended for use over a period that extends beyond three weeks. This is because the drug has a high potential for abuse and if consumed for more than the specified three weeks, the users of the drug are likely to develop dependency on the drug. This is the reason why doctors and other health care practitioners who prescribe the drug only do so for short term treatment not extending for more than three weeks and never for any long term treatments.

The main side effects of Percocet to look out for are very similar to the side effects of all the other opioids. This is due to the fact that Percocet is a combination drug that is made from two potent drugs. One of the drugs, oxycodone, is a very potent opioid drug and when it is combined with the milder acetaminophen, the effects of the drug are further enhanced.

Therefore, as is the case with all of the other opioids, the side effects that are caused by Percocet also revolve around overdose issues and the abuse potential of the drug, as well as the central nervous depression effects that the drug is known to cause among its users. Of the latter group of side effects, drowsiness and dizziness are the most noticeable and result directly from the depressant effects that the drug often causes.

The overdose issues relating to the side effects of Percocet are mainly caused by the presence of acetaminophen as a key component of the drug. Acetaminophen overdose is known to result in liver diseases. The intensity as well as the severity of the liver problems associated with percocet use depends on both the extent of the overdose as well as the health status of the drug user who is involved in the overdose of the drug. Thus, by closely monitoring the dosage of Percocet that is consumed, one can easily prevent Acetaminophen overdose.

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