Percocet Abuse Treatment

For the people that suffer from acute pain, the most commonly prescribed medication for use in short term relief of the pain is usually Percocet. The drug is a very potent narcotic pain reliever that has been in use in all parts of the world since the closing years of the 1960s.

In the United States, the drug has been in use as a narcotic pain reliever manufactured and distributed by Endo Pharmaceuticals since official approval for the drug was granted by the FDA in 1976. over the years that the drug has been in the market, it has extensively been used in the treatment and relief of different types of body pains, from mild and moderate pains to the more acute and severe ones and has been able to achieve great success.

Most of the health care workers who administer Percocet as a form of treatment usually take some important factors when choosing the right dosage to give to patients. The idea behind such caution when issuing the drug is to reduce the chances of the occurrence of unwanted side effects following the consumption of the drug. One of the side effects that can be avoided by a careful determination of the right dosage for patients taking Percocet is liver disease.

Percocet Abuse Treatment

In order to avoid liver disease, which may easily turn fatal, it is important to ensure that the users of Percocet do not overdose on acetaminophen, which is among the key components of Percocet. The best dosage for adults is a dose of Percocet that does not contain more than 4grams of acetaminophen. This translates to between 6-8 tablets of Percocet consumed every day. There are, of course, other additional factors that will play a great role in the presence or absence of side effects following treatment using Percocet.

One of the factors that will be pivotal in determining the side effects that accompany the use of Percocet is the medical history of the patient as well as his or her current state of health. This means that people that are of good or relatively better health on the one hand, are likelier to suffer from less of the side effects of Percocet during the treatment as compared to the people who have poor or failing health.

The latter group of users of the drug is at greater risk of side effects than the first. Other side effects, such a liver disease, can be averted if you inform your doctor in good time about specific information regarding your medical history.

Ideally, the use of Percocet, or any other prescription narcotic pain reliever is not recommended in substance abuse treatment of individuals who have a history of liver disease due to the fact that the acetaminophen may revive the liver disease or intensify it as part of the side effects of using Percocet. The liver disease is a dangerous side effect that can very easily turn fatal and lead to the death of the drug user if the proper medical attention is not provided soon enough.

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